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Update:22 Dec 2017

Through the video, we learned that the so-called worksh […]

Through the video, we learned that the so-called workshop 5S management is the five projects of SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SETKETSU and SHITSUKE. 5S management originated in Japan and is widely used in Japanese companies, which is equivalent to the civilized production and corporate culture carried out by Chinese enterprises. 5S By regulating the scene and present, to create a clear working environment, to develop good working habits of employees, the ultimate goal is to enhance people's quality and develop good working habits: get rid of careless, seriously treat the work of Every "little thing" complies with the regulations and conscientiously maintains a clean and tidy working environment. The manners and courtesy of the people, courtesy of colleagues and leaders, attention to demeanor and demeanor, and everyone together to create a harmonious and beautiful working environment so as to achieve standardized management.

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