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The working principle of the jack

Update:13 Mar 2018

Jacks are divided into two types: mechanical jacks and […]

Jacks are divided into two types: mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. The principles are different. In principle, the hydraulic jack is based on the principle of Pascal, that is, the pressure is consistent throughout the liquid, so that in a balanced system, the pressure exerted on the smaller piston is relatively small, while on the large piston The pressure applied is also relatively large so that the liquid can be kept still. Therefore, different pressures at different ends can be obtained through the transfer of the liquid, so that a change can be achieved. The hydraulic jack that we usually use is to use this principle to achieve the transmission of force. The mechanical jack adopts the mechanical principle to reciprocate the handle, the claws push the ratchet wheel to rotate, the small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear, and the weight lifting screw rotates, so that the lifting sleeve can be lifted or lowered, and the lifting pull can be achieved. Features. But not as easy as hydraulic jacks.


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