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Warehouse 5S management content

Update:22 Dec 2017

In recent years, the warehouse 5S management content th […]

In recent years, the warehouse 5S management content theory is being used by more and more large international companies. "5S" management has put forward specific requirements for the daily behavior of every employee in the enterprise. All employees have developed a habit of "stress", creating a clean, tidy, comfortable and reasonable workplace and space environment.
Warehouse 5S management means SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKEISU, SHITSUKE. 5S is composed of the first letter S of the Roman alphabet of the five Japanese words. Activities to organize, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning and literacy as the content, referred to as 5S activities.
5S originated in Japan, and widely implemented in enterprises, it is equivalent to the civilized production activities carried out by our enterprises. 5S activities of the object is the scene of the "environment." It takes into account the overall situation of the site environment and develop practical plans and measures to achieve standardized management. The core and prerequisite for 5S activities is literacy. If there is no corresponding improvement in the quality of the staff of the staff, 5S activities will be difficult to carry out and persevere.

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