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Jack brief introduction

Update:28 Feb 2018

Jack is a lifting height of small (less than 1m) the mo […]

Jack is a lifting height of small (less than 1m) the most simple lifting equipment. It has both mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical jack has rack and screw two, due to the small lifting capacity, the operation is laborious, generally only for mechanical maintenance work, in the bridge repair process does not apply. Hydraulic jack compact structure, stable work, a self-locking effect, it is widely used. The disadvantage is the lifting height is limited, lifting speed is slow. Jacks are mainly used for factories and mines, transportation and other departments as a vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and sturdy, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate. Jack as a use of a wide range of tools, using the best material casting, to ensure the quality and life jack.


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