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The action of the hydraulic cylinder is insensitive and retarding

Update:24 Jan 2018

This phenomenon is different from the crawl phenomenon […]

This phenomenon is different from the crawl phenomenon of the hydraulic cylinder. After the signal is sent out, the hydraulic cylinder does not move immediately. It has a short time to stop and then move, or sometimes it moves, and it is a long time to stop. It is very irregular. The main reasons for the insensitivity of this movement are as follows:
1. air in hydraulic cylinder is too much
Exclusion methods:
(1) exhaust valve through exhaust valve;
Check whether the air is inhaled from the seal ring of the piston reciprocating movement, for example, replacing the sealing ring.
2. the operation of the hydraulic pump is irregular
Such as large vibration noise; pressure fluctuation; pump rotation block; mild death.
The methods of exclusion refer to the contents of the related books.
3., a hydraulic cylinder with a buffer device. When reversing, the one-way valve orifice is too small, so that the amount of oil entering the buffer chamber is too little or even a vacuum. Therefore, when the buffer plunger leaves the end cap, it will cause the piston to stop or reverse temporarily.
Elimination method: increase the opening of the one-way valve, detailed in the fifth section of the "common fault and repair buffer exhaust device".
4. when the piston moves in high speed, the steel ball of the one-way valve follows the flow of oil, so that the valve hole is blocked and the movement is irregular.
Troubleshooting: see the relevant content.
5. dissection of the inner layer of the rubber hose so that the oil path is closed and closed, and the action of the hydraulic cylinder is irregular.
Elimination method: replace rubber hose.
6. there is a certain lateral load.


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